PIFF Premiere After Party Of PSEUDOCanadian based Bollywood cross-over film is rarely heard or seen in todays time, we normally hear about an American based Bollywood-Crossover and now that that a Canadian cross-over film has been raving all over, fans just cannot get enough of it.

“Pseudo-Blood Of Our Own” a film that deals with real issues, reality, street life, drug use, gang violence and most of all individuals and their family affected by it.

The film is about 4 friends, Cheema, Jamal, Johnny, and Juggy played by Manwinder Gill, Tayshawn Prinse, Thi Vo and Zarif Alibhai along with a cop by the name of Sleaze played by Naresh K.

These 4 friends are left together in the world of drug trafficking and endure themselves in a big assignment which will be their last as each of them want to live a normal life after it. With the help of Sleaze they set out to this one last mission before they go back to their family clean and begin fresh, but something goes wrong that prolongs their assignment and sees a no exit for all friends as they are stuck with where they got themselves into, with a big twist and shocker which is not predicted at all when you watch the film.

The film begins by introducing each character by a simple narrative dialogue and carries it on to introducing each character’s household and shows what one goes through that maybe forces them to get into drug life or affects them while they are in one.

Each character has performed its role convincingly where when you see them on screen it looked very natural. Scenes of each of the actors in their household with the family would remind you of your own home in terms of language spoken inside the household, parents and wife and kids in the household. Other characters that stand out when they were in the frame was “Dirty Harry” and  his sidekick “Lefty” the Drug Lord played by Paul Grewal and Raji Samra. Whenever they came on the screen their timings were perfect, I would say they can play the modern day Sanjay Dutt and his side kick from the hit movie Vaastav

a025_c058_0322pfThe story was written very well to the point no indirect issues, it was bang on to the point.  The director’s vision was this is the story, this is how we are going to portray it and action DONE!. The director filmed each character’s own life very beautifully, showing how they live their life at home and on the streets hence how they are affected in all.

The director Gursimran Dhillon picked a very strong topic to make a film on, every youth, parent, wife will related to it one way or the other. The director took a big risk in making a film on drug trafficking as he probably faced a lot of challenges and negative vibe around his community for making a film like this, but at the end of the day Dhillon took the risk and got nothing but positive reviews from not only his own community but every community. Also one other element the director used was actors were chosen from different ethnicity, being a South Asian punjabi Bollywood cross-over film you will see two of the main characters along with some of the supporting casts in the film were not South Asians. Very uniquer and different approach by Dhillon.

a021_c007_03160lThe movie delivers a very good message  about outcomes in drug trafficking and gang viloence and what it does to an individual and their family. More so the message what really surprises the audience is who the message was delivered by in the movie. Once they see that many people will have a clear mind and hopefully stereotypes will be erased from their heads.

All in all this film created by Canadian Youth South Asian Gursimran and Harsimran Dhillon has raised the bar of Canadian Bollywood Cross-Over film and will define a new genre of cinema in the Canadian and Overseas market. This movie is a must watch as it became the first Cross-Over film to get an instant hit a week before its release.

As Friday afternoon hits for everyone in North America, do plan to spend it in the cinemas as “Pseudo Blood Of Our Own” is bound to bring you a smile on your face. (theater locations listed below)

MAHIRAM.COM gives this Cross-Over a film a big CHECK MARK WITH 4.5/5 RATING

theater locations

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