Pakistan has no reason to be offended by Agent Vinod

agent-vinod5_bigAre the Pakistanis acting ultra-sensitive when it comes to references to cross-border terrorism in our films? Director Sriram Raghavan and the censorboard seem to think so.

In fact Sriram Raghavan is a little perplexed by the ban imposed on his film by the Pakistani censorboard. “Since Agent Vinod is a film about international espionage there are bound to be references to certain groups and their activities.

Such is the nature of the the geo-politics in this part of the world. But Pakistan certainly has no reason to feel offended. Our film is by no stretch of the imagination anti-Pakistan. In fact our heroine Kareena Kapoor plays a Pakistani national. ”

Interestingly in the original Agent Vinod in 1977 too the leading lady Rehana Sultan played a Pakistani national.

Asserts Sriram, “Perhaps political sensitivities were less acute in those times, I don’t know. But if you look at the espionage thrillers down the decades they always contained references to organizations and countries for the hero to combat terrorism. ”

J. P. Singh the regional officer Mumbai of the Censor Board feels Pakistan has no reason to be offended by Agent Vinod.

Says Mr Singh, “The movie is not against any nation. It is based on one international conspiracy. In the story various intelligence agencies have been depicted as per the requirements of the script. ”

When pointed out that the Indian censorboard’s counterpart in Pakistan felt the sensitivities of the Pakistanis would be hurt by Agent Vinod J P Singh remarked, “Sensitivities are different in every country. Let the people see the film and decide for themselves. ”

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