Fusion band JoSH recreates puraani Dilli in Lahore for their latest video “YEH ZAMEEN” [VIDEOLINK]

The walled city’s charm is impossible to recreate, it’s said. But in its video, “Yeh Zameen”, Indo-Pak fusion band JoSH has created the look and feel of Old Delhi in Lahore, where, at the time, bandmates Rup Magon and Qurram Hussain were touring.

The song, a rendition of the RD Burman classic “Yeh Zameen Gaa Rahi Hai”, is shot in Old Lahore and stars Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh. “Qurram tries to fix me up with the pretty girl on the opposite terrace,” Rup explains, and asserts that the song isn’t a remix. “There are many remixes of the song, but this is our own version. But we’ve not remixed it into something it’s not.”

Although Qurram aka Q hasn’t experienced Old Delhi, Rup, a Canadian resident, says his father used to tell him stories when he was a kid and he’s been fascinated ever since. Explaining why they didn’t shoot in Delhi, Rup says, “We were on tour in Pakistan and this idea came up. It felt like the right time and place,” and then asks, “Most films are also shot in studios instead of the actual location, right?”

Rup says replicating Delhi wasn’t hard. “The weather, the look and everything else was so alike. There was a gurudwara and a mosque in the backdrop and just being there was a beautiful experience. The rickshaws of Old Delhi and the whole charm is just so magical that it had to be done.”

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