SRK Flew in Economy for his Kids

78317-actors-shah-rukh-khan-and-shabana-azmi-unveils-new-comfortable-s.jpgShah Rukh Khan recently flew economy class
 after a chartered flight he was to board
from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, was grounded due
to technical failure.  Most stars prefer
to fly business class, some would even
wait for another chartered flight to become
available. Not SRK. And the only reason
he did it was so he could get back in time
to meet his kids. Says a source close to
"SRK left for the first leg of the Ra.One
inter-city tour with his security and staff
on Wednesday early morning. While he had
chartered a flight for the entire two-day
the aircraft developed some snags after
taking off from Mumbai,and completing
the Chandigarh,
Delhi and Ahmedabad run. The plane was
to take off
at 9 pm but initially got delayed because of the
rains in Mumbai. Around 11 pm, the pilot informed the
star that the plane flaps
(used to increase lift which allows one to land or take off
at slower speeds)
weren't functioning properly and that the engineer would arrive
 only at 11.30 pm.
"The only flights available after that were at 11.15 pm and then
at 12.15 am.
The alternative was to stay back at Ahmedabad and board his
 chartered flight
the next morning or hang around for another couple of hours till the plane
was repaired. 

Shah Rukh didn't want to wait any longer as he wanted to return before
his children woke up to go to school. The actor booked tickets for himself
and his entourage in the economy class of a regular passenger flight as
no business class
tickets were available. 

The second flight at 12.15 am had business class seats but
SRK didn't want to hang around for another hour more. 

It was a different experience for him as children and their parents
kept asking for pictures and his autographs and refused to
leave him for a second. He enjoyed it all the informer adds.
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