Akshay Kumar meets Canada’s Prime Minister

BY: Parizad Mangi

thank-you-premiere-in-toronto-with-akshay-kumar-and-prime-minister-stephen-harper-2ON FRIDAY APRIL 8TH, 2011, The city of Brampton, Ontario was in a Bollywood land, as Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper met the ‘khiladi’ Akshay Kumar. His primary intent was to unveil his platform titled ‘Here For Canada’, which includes health care policies, plans for augmentation of employment and family maintenance plans. However the Prime Minister could not resist and had to attend the premiere of a Bollywood Flick called “Thank You”, starring Akshay Kumar.

The event got wild, as Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and the Prime Minister came out of the “Conservative Party” Bus, fans went crazy pushing and shoving just to catch a glimpse of the bollywood and political star together. Fans started to yell “Akshay Akshay Akshay” throughout the Brampton Silvercity Cinema Complex that even the non South Asians were wondering what is this hype all about. One Lady asked us, if Akshay Kumar is hige that so many people are here, and we said bascially Akshay Kumar is the Jackie Chan of Bollywood, the Fighter and Comedian and is loved by millions of people across the globe and she could not believe that an actor from India would have such an amazing following.

Soon after Akshay and Prime Minister’s arrival, fans rushed to the theatre auditorium to get the best seats so they could get a good glimpse of the Star during the press conference. Both Akshay and the Prime Minister gave the speech about their friendship and how the movie was shot in Canada which opend bridges for Bollywood film-makers to start shooting in Canada as one of he top outdoor location. thank-you-premiere-in-toronto-with-akshay-kumar-and-prime-minister-stephen-harper

Akshay Kumar openly said that he dedicates “Thank You” to the Canadian Prime Minister and hopes to have more opportunities to shoot here in the wonderful country.

In conclusion, Akshay Kumar gets ready to groove on the hit track “Pyaar Lo, Pyaar Do.”  As he began to start he went back to the podium towards Prime Minister’s Wife and brought her along to dance with him and both did the signature steps from the track.


Fans could not get enough of Mr. Kumar and his love for Canada and his Canadian Fans.

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