Aishwarya Rai Bachan Copies Beyonce

AishwaryaBollywood actress Aishwarya Rai might be a actress herself, but that hasn’t quit her from copying another celebrity. The actress has not only outfitted such as Beyonce Knowles in a song but also perfected several of her steps. The song, from the movie Action Replayy, will have Ash dress up like Beyonce wearing a dress.

The actress however didn’t allow photographers to take a full-length picture of her Beyonce avatar. “She’s wearing a golden-coloured short dress with sequins on it. The look is much like an outfit Beyonce wore for her music video Upgrade U. However, she didn’t let any one on the set take any full-length pictures of her. She said it was too short and it made her feel self-conscious.”

According to buzz, Ash has even watched a few of the pop singer’s videos to look like Beyonce.

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5 Responses to “Aishwarya Rai Bachan Copies Beyonce” »

  1. Comment by rani — October 4, 2010 @ 2:32 am

    aish is a world class beauty and in a league of her own, numbers dont come in to the picture with her, she does not need to copy anyone…….ok jealous rival actresses…ha ha ha

  2. Comment by rani — October 4, 2010 @ 2:57 am

    she has iruvar, taal, HDDC, raincoat, choker bali, jodha, guru, provoked,devdas…..that have justified her talent and commercial movies like dhoom2, bride n prejudice (in UK people loved it), pink panther2
    so its been a while since ive seen her like this, she is way too talented for the role…..she had to be the pretty damsel in distress, (these kind of non acting ones r now done by KAT) but aish is a global superstar and only she can match Rajni’s superstardom, period.
    every hero that has acted opposite her has had a crush on her at some point be it when she started or when they worked with her or saw her movie, again most heroes at some point have had a crush on her……..

    so there is only one that can make a robot also fall in love with her and that is AISHWARYA……that is why she is cast for the role in ENDHIRAN/ROBOT/ROBO.

  3. Comment by rani — October 4, 2010 @ 2:57 am

    (wooden) Katrina pays alot to get rubbish written about her rivals and nothing negative about her….she has mastered her PR skills…..left Salman for Ranbir nobody crucifies her though….
    Priyanka goes from Akshay to Hrithik to Shahid to Gerard to Shahid again nobody calls her a slut….but Deepika is…this is bacause they are SOUTH INDIAN women…

    one must remember south indians are also indians….if you can accept muslims…christians…and white actresses then why this prejudice against south indian girls…

    its because the industry is full of punjabis and muslims thats why…if your punjabi or muslim you will have support if not they will crucify you for eveything

    Hema..rekha…Sridevi only made it because of their fans, they wanted to see them more and the industry had to hire them….

    Kareena, priyanka, sonam, katrina, can do no wrong because they are punjabi and white (they love white people as well) bot if any southie comes they will hurt them constantly…

    thats why ash is so defensive because the industry does hurt her alot its only the few people who dont care about north and south that hire her i.e. directors (Ashutosh, Sanjay leela etc) the rest hire her because they have no choice she has alot of fans….

    thats why most of the industry is trying to replace her by saying Sonam (old hag face) is the most beautiful , or katrina, or priyanka or kareena, they dont want to hire a southie (ask karan johar)

  4. Comment by rani — October 4, 2010 @ 2:58 am

    aish love…keep doing what you do best… are an icon…it is a fact….none of these 1to10number actresses can even touch you….they all have somthing missing but you have it all in one….

    one has decent face but cant act(KAT not better than penelope n u are better than penelope..fact)…one has crap face but can act(priyanka)…one is paris hilton (kareena thinks stucking with saif will get khans under her)…one is duck face old hag (sonam) like in her 20’s and thinks your her aunt she looks like imrans aunt in ihls…can you imagine what they will look like at 37…i know crap….

    you are unique they cant be you….they try their hardest to use your name next to theirs to get a position…or to get some fans….but they know they are no where near you (sonam, kareena (huge jaws, witch like), katrina, priyanka)

    you are in your own league…you have no numbers… have world class beauty, acting skills (raincoat, choker, jodha, guru……)brains, aura, presence, dancing skills, grace, dignity, princess like quality….you are timeless

  5. Comment by Mell-joy — October 4, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    I fell that ash is the hotest indian girl that can ever hit the fan and by the way beyonce don’t stand a chance ash is to prity

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