Kajol “I don’t believe I need a son to complete my family”


As motherhood approaches again Kajol is not praying for a son. She is equally enthused by the idea of another girl child in her family.

“I’m just hoping for a healthy happy baby and a healthy happy momma to look after the baby. I’ve a wonderful daughter. How can I say no to another girl just like her?

I don’t believe I need a son to complete my family. My sister Tanissha and I made quite a complete family. And so did my mom (Tanuja) and her sister (the late Nutan).”

And for those who are hoping to see more of Kajol on screen after she becomes a mother a second time there’s disappointment in store. Kajol doesn’t intend to increase her volume of work after motherhood.

“I’ve worked a lot. I enjoy doing just 1-2 films a year. I don’t think I want to do more than that. I’m happy with my pace of work. If I do too many films people would get bored of me.”

There is no plan of a comeback after motherhood.

“It all depends on how I feel after I have my baby. I refuse to take a decision here and now. It’s my prerogative to do what I like. I firmly believe women should have babies when they can take care of them. As simple as that.

I want my baby to arrive and I want to watch him or her grow. I took time to have a second baby because I wanted to have the time to give myself fully to motherhood. I refuse to miss out on the joy of watching my child grow for anything in the world.”

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