Sophie Choudry


She is beautiful, she is full of talents,  she is baby love, and most of all she is a “SOUND” herself.

We are talking about the SENSATIONAL SOPHIE.

She is India’s top female pop artist, having hits like Mera Babu Chal, Ek Pardesi, and Jaadugar Saiyan backing her up all the way.

Recently she  released her latest album “Sound of Sophie,” which has hit the top spot on the music chart.

Catching up with her on twitter I got a chance to interview this wonderful talented singer.

Lets get to know Sophie and her latest album

Before we speak about your current album, tell us a little bit about yourself:

Well I was born and brought up in London, a straight A student and obsessed with music and drama from a young age.  I was a hardcore filmy kid and watched every single Hindi movie possible over and over again and at the same time trained in western classical music!

How did Sophie land herself in Mumbai?

When I was around 12 years old I met Biddu.  I loved all the Nazia Hassan songs as a kid and was super excited to meet him. He asked me to do backing vocals on Alisha’s Made in India and that’s when it all began.  He always encouraged me to pursue singing and while still studying we put together a girl band called Sansara.  Our songs Habibi and Yeh dil sun raha hai did really well but the band split up,  Biddu said to me that if I was serious about singing and acting I had to move to Mumbai so slowly but surely with my mum’s support we decided to take a risk for a year and see what would happen.  That year started VJing on MTV, Babu Chail Chabila became a hit and there was no looking back!

How did the transition from VJ to music happen?

I was a singer first and foremost but while in London used to VJ on ZEE TV for fun.  My show top 10 became very popular all over Europe, South Africa etc and before I knew it I was attending functions as a chief guest by night and studying by day! When I moved to Mumbai I didn’t plan to become a VJ but I also knew I wasn’t willing to take any shortcuts in my career and that if I wanted to land films without a Godfather, I had to become popular first…VJing made me instantly popular on MTV.  My songs were always a focus and both VJing and singing happened concurrently.  Both made me very popular and Ek pardesi took me onto another level!

Your past album “Baby Love” was a great success beating other remix albums. I was in Karachi at the time of release and loved it instantly, however people get a little apprehensive about remixes.
Were you at all nervous during the making? Thinking what if it would not work or what if people do not like it, because it is a big risk taking golden beats and turning it into modern beats

No I wasn’t nervous at all because whatever I do, I do with honesty and sincerity.  I wasn’t looking for a shortcut to fame.  My music company insisted on another remix after Mera Babu but gave me liberty to choose the songs.  I listened to over 400songs! Harry Anand and I worked bloody hard on that album making sure that although we were creating a modern innovative sound, we didn’t compromise on the quality at all!   Bhushan Kumar of T-series is superb with marketing and Rahul Sud knew exactly how to project the video!  Everyone who worked on “Baby Love” gave it 200% and felt very positive about it from Day one!!!  Even the album title was mine!

You have done a quite number of films with some of Bollywood’s top stars like Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Suneil Shetty, and Arjun Rampal. Tell us about your experience working in them?

I feel very privileged to have worked with such big stars.  At the end of the day I come from a business family not a filmy one, I never had anyone helping or guiding me and yet I was launched by David Dhawan in Shaadi No.1.  That was a big deal for me!  Govinda asked me to do a guest appearance for his movie Money hai toh honey and I have always idolized him so how could I say no. Similarly Arjun’s debut home production, I just couldn’t say no.  Perhaps I have been to nice and done a few too many guest appearances but at the same time I have been fortunate enough to work on some super films with a wonderful team including Pyar ke Side Effects and Daddy Cool.  The rest have been learning experiences and through them I have made wonderful friends; my idol Sanjay Dutt treats me like family, Neil Nitin Mukesh and I are very good friends post Aa Dekhen Zara, Rishi Kapoor is my favourite and I got to work with him in Chintuji.  In fact I only did that film for him and just yesterday he messaged me to say how much he loves the new album and how Mohabbat is a superb video.  For a girl who came to Mumbai with nothing but her values and family support I feel proud that I have been a popular VJ, Singer and have worked with some of the best directors and actors!

Your current album is making news for all the good reason and Inshallah it will keep doing well. According to my research, this is the first album out of “Baby Love.” Why so much of a gap?

I was determined not to do another remix album after “Baby Love”.  I needed to be original because that’s what I love and I had to take the brave step of going independent and producing the entire project myself! Lets face it. Today everyone is Bollywood obsessed. All the pop singers have become playback singers and Bollywood is producing film music that sounds like pop. I wanted to make something I was proud of and took the last 2 years to put it together, today when I get such amazing feedback and response for the album it feels amazing!!  Its not a joke to get Rishi Rich, Biddu, Gourov Dasgupta, Bappa Lahiri and Suketu all on one album but I managed to do it all by myself with my own money!!

Now, “Sound of Sophie.” Very unique name. How did you think of that?

The title of an album should represent it. My album has everything from Sophie singing hip hop to a rock ballad to electro vibes and RnB. Its not because I am confused but because I genuinely love all of this music and the way I sing all of these songs is unique to me.  I remember driving Biddu and Neil Mukesh crazy for a title and then one day in the shower it came to me just like that and everyone loved it!!  See, singing in the shower can work like magic~!!

I think “Sophie” should be named as new genre in music after your album because the title “Sound of Sophie” sounds amazing. Can you give us a tour of your album?

Aww thank you for the compliment. I have always believed in making commercial music and not music that I make just for myself to sit and listen to by myself.  Music brings people together and can alter their mood. Songs like Manjave and Mundiyan toh bachke rehna with Rishi Rich were made with a hot dance vibe, hip hop meets reggae and feature mUmzy to add that extra flavour.  I love Manjave. I think it’s a great song plus I wrote the hook!   Soni Soni was composed by a new guy called Sandeep Surya and Rishi arranged it. It’s a great song.  Biddu has given up making music but if I Cant have you is one of my favourite songs on the album… Its brilliant and we composed and recorded it in 3 days flat!  It’s my mum’s favourite too.  Then there is Bappa’s pump it up…. a very cool, hip-hop meets electro vibe…. Bappa is insanely talented. Last but not least Mohabbat, the toughest song and my first ever rock ballad where I just got to sing in a strong full voice.  Gourov dasgupta and I fought like crazy but the end result is something I am truly proud of.  The lyrics are super special and DJ Suketu loved the song so much that he did a remix of it for me and didn’t even charge me anything… I can never forget that!!!

I saw your video “Mohabbat” which you posted on twitter recently, it was beautiful. Tell us about experience shooting that song?

The video has been produced by me and directed by video veterans Colosus.  We were looking for a story for ages and when Colosus suggested this idea I thought it would be very different and represent the song very well… We decided to shoot in Bikaner and the shoot was insanely hard work in 2degrees temperature. My friend Manish Malhotra styled me and as is always the case the hero wears a jacket and the girl is in thin chiffon clothing! We worked at giving me a pop diva look for the singing parts but an Indian look for the love story.  The video released on valentines and it’s getting a fabulous response!  I spent a lot of money on it.  I am not the kind of artist who can do cheap and cheerful videos… It doesn’t seem right to me… This video was particularly important for me and I am hoping that all the NRIs, Pakistani audiences as well as everyone in India falls in love with it completely….

What’s next for Sophie?

Well I am going crazy busy promoting the album and performing live.  I am also planning a third video Inshallah so fingers crossed.  Its hard work being the producer yourself because you have to handle every single little detail but it also feels great because it’s completely my baby!  I haven’t given up films and am starting a couple in a few months so I am excited about that but right now it’s all about Sound Of Sophie.

Who do you give the credit for your success to?

You can’t achieve success single handily in this field.  My mum’s support is paramount.  I would be nowhere without her! Whenever I get worried she is there to support me and push me to keep going.  She is superwoman!  The most amazing person ever.  Biddu for launching me and still supporting everyone and me that worked on this album behind the scenes…the lyricists, composers.  Most of all the fans because if they don’t accept and love you, no matter what you do, it means nothing.  I love every single person who has bought my music, come to my gigs and been there for me. I am deeply indebted to the industry and Mumbai too…Its a city which made my dreams come true and put me in a position whereby today I am known and popular everywhere!

Your advice to all those who look up to Sophie and want to become like her?

First and foremost get a solid education.  Its important to pursue your dreams but be realistic too..  Make sure you are focused and ready to work hard.  There will be more disappointments than highs but take each one as it comes and go from strength to strength.  Nothing comes easily!! Be true to yourself and follow your heart!

Now to some fun things. Tell us your favourite

  • Pop Artist: Beyonce and Justin
  • Bollywood Actor and Actress: Big B, SRK, Aamir, Madhuri, Priyanka and Sridevi
  • Movie: Bollywood and Hollywood Notting Hill, DDLJ, Maine Pyar Kiya… I am a die-hard romantic.. Sorry!!!
  • Food: Love good food be it Desi, Thai or Japanese…. Yummy!!!  Have been to Lahore and the food there is awesome too!
  • Hobby: Reading, dancing, love salsa, watching movies, water sports!
  • Holiday Spot: Anywhere that’s not cold!! Bali, Bangkok, South of France, Dubai but I also love New York and my hometown London.  The truth is that I’ve not taken a holiday in 5years!!!
  • Sport: Formula One racing!!!!
  • Song till date (excluding your own) Too difficult…. I love thousands of songs. Impossible to pick! Not fair at all. But favourite song in the last one year would probably be Yeh Dooriyan (Love Aaj Kal)

Now last questions for all our North American fans especially in Canada; any chance of coming to Toronto?
I am dying to come out to Toronto y’all!  I have performed in Montreal years ago but I am really hoping to come out to your beautiful country…. Hopefully this year!! Dying to come out and there and sing Manjave for y’all!!!!!

Thanks Sophie for giving the opportunity to interview you. We wish you all the best with your current album and inshallah things will only get better and better for you.


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