Amitabh Bachchan scared of the swine flu

1Expressing serious concern over the spread of the swine flu across the county, Big B Amitabh Bachchan has made an appeal to the media for launching a campaign for saving people from the flu threat. He said that he is ready to play role of a volunteer. Amitabh has written, “the electronic media apparently, instead of demonstrating calm and caution has been only concentrating on the alarming aspect of the disease, by repeatedly showing the extreme case of a young girl that sadly a week ago as a first case, succumbed to the illness in the city. Other than that they are showing long cues of parents with their children, some with high temperatures, standing and waiting for their turn to come for an investigation.He further says in his bog,  This has been causing extreme alarm throughout not just Delhi but the entire country.

Panic is worse than the cause at times and I would like to believe that that is what needs to be addressed first. I can only attribute the media angle at wanting to wake up the authorities to wise up and get action plans moving. Appealing to the media, Big B writes, “I would have been happier if the media would send out public interest announcements on what precautions need to be taken, what possible symptoms to look out for so that timely action can be taken and restore some kind of confidence in the minds of the masses, particularly those that are poor and unable to either understand the ailment or are not equipped to get it attended to at proper medical facilities. I would happily volunteer for this.”

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