Emraan Hashmi: “At the heart of it all, the film is truly Indian”

RAAZ – THE MYSTERY CONTINUES promises to be one of the scariest movies ever that has come out of Bollywood. Whether it is Mohit Suri. Mukesh Bhatt, Emraan Hashmi or Adhyayan Suman, each of them has always maintained that the film would shock the audience and scare the daylights out of them. Joginder Tuteja catches up with Emraan Hashmi to know if the film would indeed live up to the mammoth expectations. Over to Emraan!

Do you want to narrate a few scenes?

(Laughs) I don’t want to give away the scenes but can tell you for sure that they change the face of horror on screen. I am proud of the way the team has worked together to make them the way they have turned out. In fact for the shooting of the film, we went on a lot of haunted locations. We went deep into the interiors of some secluded spots; you know the kind of places where you are not allowed to go after sunset. Then we also shot at Mukesh Mills in night and believe me when I say that it is just not a pleasant experience at all. It is hard for a person not to be unnerved shooting there. And if someone says that he/she wasn’t disturbed then well take my words, they are lying!

You had earlier mentioned about the scare factor from Japenese/Korean movies being at the back of your mind while making RAAZ – THE MYSTERY CONTINUES. How did you get the Indian milieu to the proceedings?

At the heart of it all, the film is truly Indian. We have done a lot on research on the horror beliefs in the country; about spirits and all. In India, we do talk about wandering spirits and all. The character that I play is one such person who acts as a medium for these spirits. This is why it is so integral to the film’s plot. I could have been shown as a writer talking to the spirits through his words but then that would have become boring. So we opted for the visual medium.

And how was that achieved

By showing him to be a painter. Through his paintings, he communicated with spirits. He is someone who believes in super natural and has the power to communicate with their world.

A dark character indeed, isn’t?

Definitely one of the darkest characters that I have played. This person is quite reclusive, sits lonely in his studio, is someone who could talk about the difference between a believer v/s non-believer. He is not a somber character as in AWARAPAN because he comes from a world where spirits do exist. This character is slightly edgier and certainly darker!


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