John Abraham

What do you think of the music of Dostana…?

I liked the first song of Dostana that I heard which is ‘Jaane Kyun’. I told Vishal Shekhar who are the music directors that this is a great number and after a long time there is a number that I have been really obsessed by and I really enjoyed listening to that number. But then I heard ‘Khabar Nahin’, ‘Kuch Kam’, ‘Desi Girl’ and ‘Shut up and Bounce’ and all the songs seemed to be very very good. ‘Kuch Kam’ is my second most favorite song. But if you ask me music as whole then I think very rarely do you have five hit songs in an album and I think Dostana has five super hit songs.

Which is your favorite track?

My favorite track is ‘Jaane Kyun’. And I believe that ‘Jaane Kyun’ is the soul of the film Dostana.

What was it like working with Vishal and Shekhar?

I think they are brilliant music directors. They are very contemporary. When they get a brief from the director they know how to regulate the music according to the tempo of the film and that’s what they have done. So I think they are super guys.

What made you decide to do this film?

Well, Karan called me and I went. He said Tarun Mansukhani (director) would like to narrate the script to you and I said ok. And as usual I go in ready to say no to every film that I have heard which I do with most of my films, and then I pick up the crazy experimental ones. I went in to hear it, I heard it and I was laughing through the entire narration. It finished and I said that I am not going to judge anything because if I am laughing then the entire audience is going to be laughing. It is a funny film. Then I said I would love to do it. The minute I knew that it was Abhishek in the film with me I just closed my eyes and said I will do it.

Can you tell us something about the character you play?

I play a character called Kunal who is an illegal immigrant in Miami. He is a photographer. He loves women’s till of course he has t o pretend to be a gay. His love interest is Mr. Abhishek Bachchan. So that’s my character.

Who has done your styling in the movie? How was it working with him/her?

Akki Narula has done my styling in the film. I think Akki is one of the heroes of the film because he has done the great styling for this film. He has been present on the set completely and to see what’s happening on every scene and he knew which scene follows what scene. Very few designers know that but he knew exactly the tempo of each scene. If there was any sober scene he knows what colors to give us because it is very easy to go over board with the film like Dostana as Miami is a very bright city, very colorful, very sunny but there are certain scenes that require a little toned down and Akki knew everything so well. He is superb.

What was it like working with Dharma Productions after KAAL?

It’s my second film with Dharma. If you ask me in terms of production values I think film culture is very important. Dharma and Yash Raj are two production houses have film culture inculcated in them. So you are a kind of auto pilot when you do a lot of films. You don’t have to worry about how the film is going to be mounted, how the people are going to look, how the characters are going to be presented, what the director is going to do, how the film is going to be marketed these things you don’t have to worry about. Since you are talking about Dharma, they completely understand how to present a film beautifully. Films are liked or not liked, but you will mark my words and see the opening of the film Dostana when it gets releases. It’s only because when you watch the promos today you are excited and you really want to know about little about what the hell Abhishek and John are doing together. So they really know how to present a film. As a layman I want to see this film because I am pretty inquisitive about the relation these two guys share. So they do a great job.

What was it like working with debutant director Tarun Mansukhani?

Well Tarun is very sure of what he wants to do. He will take suggestions from all of us. He will listen to all of us and he will incorporate what he thinks is right. But if he is not sure about something and if he has taken a shot that has been suggested by either Abhishek , Me or Priyanka he will do it. There has been an instance where we have headed back to hotel and he has called us and said “come back the sun is setting and I want to take this shot again.” So he is very sure about what he wants to do and that makes us as actors feel very safe. This is the first great film for Tarun Mansukhani. He has done a great job.


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